I work to create simple, beautiful, functional websites to give voice to your mission.

Content Strategy

Web projects are as unique as the people who conceive of them. Each project is like a logic puzzle – and sometimes there are a lot of pieces. In order to end up with a system that serves you intuitively for the long term, it is vital to understand how your information needs to work for you, and how its various components relate to each other. 

From the structure of the database to the shape of your content, I will work with you to establish a comprehensive content strategy that will bring consistency to your organization's communication.


You’re trying to grow your business, or increase your visibility, or provide something substantive to your audience. How do you go about putting words to it all?

I can help guide you in giving voice to the value you bring. And if you need more than guidance, I can do the writing for you. With a combination of conversation, research, and wordcraft, I will work with you to produce written content that accurately reflects your organization, is user-focused, and that helps drive people to your pages.


My design process is built on collaboration and research. You won’t merely hand me your project brief and wait for the results. In order for a website to make its greatest impact for you, it needs to reflect who you are, and it needs to make a measurable contribution to your objectives. This happens best when we work closely together. The better we understand your user base and your work processes, the better your website will be for everyone.


I create custom websites, content management, web apps, and ecommerce. Because of the predominance of mobile users, all components are fully responsive, from the admin panel to the public website.

Whether you need a marketing website for your small business, or a large web app deployed across the country, custom development means I can create what you need without the restrictions of off-the-shelf platforms.

Hosting & Domains

Websites are hosted on a premium server for the utmost reliability, privacy, and security. I take care of domain management so that all your web-related needs are handled in one place.

All websites and web apps are protected by industry-leading SSL/TLS certificates to keep your information and your customers secure.


My goal is to deliver peace of mind. I provide comprehensive training for your team so that you are in command of how you present yourself online. And I am with you along the way, available to you by phone, email, text, or video chat.

Crafting good experiences
Specializing in web development and user experience design. Crafting good experiences for any screen size, since 2011.
Good tools
I am committed to transparency, honesty, and good service. I want to equip and empower you with good tools so that you can keep your focus on your work, not just on your website.
Codigo websites are products of conversation. From the system that manages your content, to the public website your visitors will see, everything is custom-crafted to allow your story to come first. Who wants to squeeze into someone else's mould? You should be free to tell it the way you need to.